Good vs. Bad Stress: How to Naturally Reduce Harmful Emotional Energy

Yes, it’s true, there is such a thing as good stress. What are some examples? Being stuck in traffic, going to a party and not knowing anyone, public speaking, taking an exam, opening your own business, learning how to write blogs :). These experiences are mild, short-term, and are more manageable in your daily life. Sometimes good stress can challenge you to be more creative and motivated to make lasting changes that will eventually improve your life and happiness.  The bad type of stress is when it becomes out of control and chronic.  Eventually this may breakdown your emotional well-being, your spirit, and passions in life.

Do you sometimes tell yourself not to get angry or anxious to avoid getting more stressed out? Or were you taught to not talk about uncomfortable or painful experiences? Over time, holding the harmful emotional energies in your physical body basically makes it harder to heal and blocks or depletes your energy life force (Chi) from naturally moving.  The stress build up or negative emotional energy can sometimes lead to more serious life-threatening illnesses including: heart disease (women are at higher risk than men due to the unique responses of life-work demands), high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, and other various mental & physical illnesses.  

Further, 89% of American women ages 30 to 43 report being significantly stressed out, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. Some women who may be more prone to anger, fear, guilt, or negative emotions can make it harder for themselves to break away from stress –it can feel like there is no way out. But, there is! All emotions are energy. Know that you have the power to choose to shift your energy and change your response and actions to your negative experiences. You can make a difference before it gets worse and where you are unable to control your level of stress.

Stress is a natural part of life. It’s unavoidable. However, it’s finding the right balance of managing your tension and stress by being somewhere in the middle.  In case you are like one of the 89% of women who are dealing with overwhelming stress, keep in mind there is hope. You can do something about it. Not everyone deals with stress in the same way. If you can tap into the imaginative and creative part of yourself, then you can attract optimal personal health. Here are 5 tips to naturally practice stress reduction:

  1. Sound healing–using intention and various techniques to produce the frequency of sound to relieve various issues on a mind, body, emotional, and spiritual level. Including stress reduction.
  2. Restorative yoga–relieves stress by going into a deeper state of relaxation. This practice lowers the heart rate, improves concentration, and soothes organs.
  3. Journal or blog–release any thoughts whether positive or negative. Something creative might transpire. Or you may just release any tension you had in your mind for more clarity if you are feeling blocked.
  4. Call up a friend, co-worker, or family member and ask them to help remind you of why you are a brilliant woman!
  5. Pranic breathing–controlled abdominal breathing, naturally to not think about it, in rhythmic cycles to produce a feeling of relaxation and improved immune system.

I’d like to hear from you. Did any of the tips help you gain more balance in your life? What do you do to keep your stress in check?


Holistic Therapies

How do you get to a point when you feel naturally good? You read all kinds of self-help books or watch documentaries on self-healing, but then you still ask, why am I not feeling any better? I guess that is because you have not fully accepted what works for you. It might take several methodologies or practices to feel what is right. Even in these practices, I felt an obligation to please. I was so used to pleasing other people and making them feel comfortable, that I eventually lost myself and what I really liked to do. Now that I have broken from that habit, I feel less guilty about my lifestyle and more assured in what I want out of life. Holistic therapy is really about a lifestyle. You end up looking at the wholeness of yourself and really having to investigate what you are doing in your life that effects you on a mind, body, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual moment. Some of the benefits of using a holistic approach are: less physical/symptomatic problems, naturally letting go of fears or worries, releasing physical tension that is stemming from anxiety and stress, or finding wellness in general health.

A quick 3 minutes relaxation exercise: 1. keep your feet gracefully touching the floor (feeling no pressure in your legs); and imagine roots extending from the bottoms of your feet connecting to the ground. 2. your breath is gentle and deeply filling your belly as though expanding a light balloon that is taking you out into space. 3. sensing the lightness and freedom of your own personal space. 4. the darkness is calming. 5. take a few more deep, gentle breaths. 6. And on your exhale letting your awareness only be focused on your breathing and how it makes your mind and body feel good. 7. Let go of tension in your shoulders, lower back, and feet. 8. Recognizing the support you are receiving at this time. 9. let go…let gentleness and love take over.

To New Beginnings

January–the first month of the year. This month can be special for so many of us. It’s an opportunity to “start over” or find creative ways to let go of old painful memories. The possibilities are endless. In numerology, the #1 is about new beginnings, starting something new, purity, and independent thinking. A personality number or the energy of the #1 is someone who is ambitious and likes to get things done.

Numerology is a tool used to figure out our truest potential on a mind, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Each number has a different sound and vibration which can tell us more about ourselves, each other, and everything around us. We can perceive opportunities for career choices, compatibility with a partner, or even our life path. Your personality number can help you decide what you want or don’t want to share about yourself with others. It’s a way to find out how people perceive you before they get to know the deeper you. Numerology is like a self-help tool into better understanding yourself, the opportunities and challenges you will experience, karmic influences, your skills and abilities, love and relationships, finding out the energy or vibrational level of where you may want to live or work, and it helps you find ways to attract the life you want to live.

Quick Tips on How to Brighten Your Day: 1. Play a Blondie track 2. Practice the Moonwalk 3. Make someone laugh or smile 4. Plant flowers. 5. Find out how to calculate your personality number.