To New Beginnings

January–the first month of the year. This month can be special for so many of us. It’s an opportunity to “start over” or find creative ways to let go of old painful memories. The possibilities are endless. In numerology, the #1 is about new beginnings, starting something new, purity, and independent thinking. A personality number or the energy of the #1 is someone who is ambitious and likes to get things done.

Numerology is a tool used to figure out our truest potential on a mind, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Each number has a different sound and vibration which can tell us more about ourselves, each other, and everything around us. We can perceive opportunities for career choices, compatibility with a partner, or even our life path. Your personality number can help you decide what you want or don’t want to share about yourself with others. It’s a way to find out how people perceive you before they get to know the deeper you. Numerology is like a self-help tool into better understanding yourself, the opportunities and challenges you will experience, karmic influences, your skills and abilities, love and relationships, finding out the energy or vibrational level of where you may want to live or work, and it helps you find ways to attract the life you want to live.

Quick Tips on How to Brighten Your Day: 1. Play a Blondie track 2. Practice the Moonwalk 3. Make someone laugh or smile 4. Plant flowers. 5. Find out how to calculate your personality number.


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