Holistic Therapies

How do you get to a point when you feel naturally good? You read all kinds of self-help books or watch documentaries on self-healing, but then you still ask, why am I not feeling any better? I guess that is because you have not fully accepted what works for you. It might take several methodologies or practices to feel what is right. Even in these practices, I felt an obligation to please. I was so used to pleasing other people and making them feel comfortable, that I eventually lost myself and what I really liked to do. Now that I have broken from that habit, I feel less guilty about my lifestyle and more assured in what I want out of life. Holistic therapy is really about a lifestyle. You end up looking at the wholeness of yourself and really having to investigate what you are doing in your life that effects you on a mind, body, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual moment. Some of the benefits of using a holistic approach are: less physical/symptomatic problems, naturally letting go of fears or worries, releasing physical tension that is stemming from anxiety and stress, or finding wellness in general health.

A quick 3 minutes relaxation exercise: 1. keep your feet gracefully touching the floor (feeling no pressure in your legs); and imagine roots extending from the bottoms of your feet connecting to the ground. 2. your breath is gentle and deeply filling your belly as though expanding a light balloon that is taking you out into space. 3. sensing the lightness and freedom of your own personal space. 4. the darkness is calming. 5. take a few more deep, gentle breaths. 6. And on your exhale letting your awareness only be focused on your breathing and how it makes your mind and body feel good. 7. Let go of tension in your shoulders, lower back, and feet. 8. Recognizing the support you are receiving at this time. 9. let go…let gentleness and love take over.


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