Is it my intuition or fear? How to know the difference.

MDX02~Trust-Yourself-Dr-Benjamin-Spock-PostersFor most of my life, I’ve been able to “read” people by looking into their eyes and sensing their energy (clairsentience-feeling their physical pain or emotions). I am what you call an “emotional empath.” Their eyes tell me a quick story (a knowing-claircognizance) and the energy I pick up from them feels like a vibration that goes through my body (or in my stomach area).  The sense I get feels like when you hear a really good song and the music vibrations makes you want to move around and dance :). I can also sometimes hear a word or story (clairaudiance) when I meet someone new which may include, “person‘s nice” or “get away” or “uh oh” and even “healer.” Over the years I have ignored the messages my body and inner guidance gives me to protect myself from people who are untrustworthy or getting into a situation where the end of the night turned out bad.  For example, I have been on my way to someone’s house, or driving to a party and all of a sudden I get a bad stomachache or my breathing becomes shallow. It comes abruptly and I would just keep it to myself out of fear I was overreacting or that someone would think I was crazy.  I now know through many personal experiences, to embrace my intuition because it is giving me a clue that I should pay attention to and that it is not my fear. I believe defining the differences between intuition and fear would help you to have a better understanding of yourself.

Main Differences Between Intuition and Fear

  • intuition: it’s a knowing. Clearly defined. Positive. Information sensed is neutral. Will not put you down. Feels safe. Felt in your stomach or heart. Will not support any destructive or emotionally damaging behaviors or attitudes.
  • fear: emotionally charged. Demeaning or delusional information. Absent of a “gut-feeling.” Reactions or belief systems is more out of past negative experience or negative words someone said to you. You do not feel centered or focused. Ego (mind). Fight-or-flight responses are activated.

Have you ever felt unsure if you are listening to your intuition or a feared reaction that makes you want to run or become defensive?  There’s a taboo in our society about intuitive people or highly sensitive people. Most people need to have evidence or proof of something existing. When you sense or have an intuitive experience, embrace  it and be proud that you are given this special skill! It’s just an extension of your all knowing.

3 tips to test & build your intuitive skills:

1. ask a stranger (or someone you do not know very well) if they will let you borrow something they have on them (i.e. keys, ring, earrings, belt, etc) that you can hold in your hand for a couple of minutes. Close your eyes and just allow anything to come up for you using one of your 5 clairsenses (audio, visual, hearing, smelling, taste).  Stay with an open mind and jot down what you are sensing. It may feel funny and you might doubt yourself in the beginning. That’s natural because your conscious (rational mind) wants to make sense of what you are doing. That’s ok, just try not to judge yourself and keep going until you no longer are feeling anything. Then with the information you wrote down go over it with the person and see what they say. You may be surprised!

2. ask someone to find a newspaper or magazine article that they can cut out and seal into an envelope so that you cannot read it. Then place the envelope in your hands and sit quietly and pay close attention to the messages you sense. Write them down and just allow for free writing to take over. When you sense it is complete, stop and open up the article. Read it and compare your findings. It’s amazing what you’ll read!

3. Ask yourself, did this feeling come up right now as you approached another person or is it your own? To test this, walk at least 20 feet away from the person and if you no longer have the feeling than it is likely you were picking up that person’s emotions/energy. Use your breath to guide out the energy you may have picked up.

Have fun with these exercises. I know I did and how amazed I was at my results. It takes practice and repetition. Find a setting that will not distract you. Make sure you are in a quiet place and in a comfortable resting position for a few minutes. P.S. prior to using these exercises, please make sure you are grounded (being fully present in the moment) or in a clear state of awareness of being in the present moment.

I’d like to hear your outcomes. If you have any tests or ways to build your intuitive skills, please share with us!! Please take my survey below.

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