Reduce Your Stress in 5 minutes or Less


Do you say to yourself, “Relaxing is a waste of time?” Or sometimes say, “Today I cannot go to yoga [or some other exercise] because I have something else more important to do?” If you said, “yes” to either question, you may be forgetting about the balance of wellness in your life. Essentially you are avoiding ways to nurture and preserve your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes getting caught up in the day to day “busy” life can be a distraction from really enjoying and appreciating the present moment. Relaxation techniques, when practiced daily or regularly has shown to improve overall wellness, peace & calmness, more enjoyment, clarity, improved sleep, improved relationship with others, improved health, or feelings of gratitude. Our physical body & mind need time to relax in order to replenish and recharge from the day to day activities and toxins that we encounter. So, if you find that you are repeating the same old story of being too busy to relax or not having the time to de-stress, know that all you need is 5 minutes or less to reduce your stress level. You can do these simple relaxation techniques at home, in your office, car, or the park. You will begin to recognize the difference in how much better your life feels.

1. Tension relief breathing exercise: sit in a comfortable position crossed-legged (indian style) and place your hands, fingers interlaced at the base of your belly. Gently close your eyes and begin to increase your awareness to your breath. Inhale through your nose, filling your belly (image your belly expanding like a balloon) and diaphragm rising. Then naturally exhale the breath out through your mouth (image releasing air out of the balloon), and the belly is pulling in towards of your spine. Emptying out the breath. Repeat for 4 cycles and on your 5th cycle, exhale letting out a sound to release any tension. Then on your 6th cycle, breath in something you need and breath out something you no longer need.

2. Listen to an audio recording on mindfulness guided meditation. Wear earphones so that you get the optimum affects of awareness and attention. You will increase your skill of observing yourself without judging yourself. You may eventually become more skilled in attunement which can increase your awareness of how the energy flows throughout your body resulting in healing itself and stress relief.

3. Reading for at least 5 minutes a day about topics that are relaxing, inspiring, joyful, peaceful, or creative. It helps get clutter out of your mind, feelings of hope, remembering your inner strengths, potential, and life purpose; and sometimes finding insight into the answers you need to feel better.

I would love to hear your responses!


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