Manifestation Meditation: 6 Benefits to Creating More Happiness in Your Life

© Invictus999 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Invictus999 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Have you ever thought about how you approach finding a new job, ending or beginning a relationship, buying/renting a home, or dealing with a recent health problem? Is it working for you? Or, are you convinced that you will be stuck in the same boring job for the rest of your life? Never finding true love or having the courage to leave an unhealthy partner? Have you given up on what to do about your health issue? If you have experienced any of these scenarios, and it resonates with you, I invite you to bring into your life, a practice called manifestation meditation! It is a natural, peaceful, and relaxing approach that can bring you closer to feeling like you are in charge of your life and understanding your life purpose.

Manifestation meditation is a specific practice that can help to really focus or hone in on what it is that you want to attract or create, on a conscious and subconscious levels. It is great to practice when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed with work-life balance, depressed, confused, unmotivated, or losing your self-confidence. All you need is 10 minutes a day. Try it for the next week and see if you are beginning to manifest what you intended on. If you are seeing the benefits, I encourage you to continue on and just keep the flow moving to your satisfaction. Please let me know your outcomes!

Here are my top 6 benefits that I believe manifestation meditation can do for you to create more happiness in your life and self-fulfillment!

1. You clear away the static that may cloud your vision. You will begin to notice an endless amount of options to choose from because you are clear in exactly what you are wanting to manifest. It is like you are the artist painting your vision on a canvas. You will become aware of the tools, people, and internal resources that will be required to be part of your manifestation.

2. It will invite more relaxation into your day-to-day life because you are taking the time and energy to focus on your personal needs and wants. When you your intention turns into action the result becomes a form of movement, as well as a connection of what you desire is coming your way. As you make this connection, you begin to feel better about yourself, the outcome of your future, and are feeling more centered.

3. Removes a sense of procrastination, mind blocks, or the mindset that something is just gonna fall into your lap. As you become more clear, excited, and accepting of your manifestation, endorphins are released which will produce a feeling of well-being and a sense of positivity.  Your energy will no longer feel stagnant or empty…bringing in more space for creativity and abundance.

4. Feeling self-compassion. You will feel less judgmental about some of your shortcomings or not having everything in order right now in your life. Overtime, you become more kind to yourself and understanding that you have the strength to deal with the negative or emotional hardships.

5. Increases your intuitive skill. When your mind and body are in rhythm of calmness and harmony, you allow your awareness to see more of the synchronicities in your life. Some examples of synchronicity may be, a dream, a message on a billboard that provides answers or clues that are linked to what you are manifesting, or repeated patterns of numbers, names, locations, etc.

6.  You feel a sense of hope and direction in life. You feel happier in your life and a sense of knowing that things are going to be all right. You spend less time thinking about the negative things. You may begin to notice that people, including loved ones, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, or strangers are attracted to this positive energy and they in turn are more positive and happy. As your happiness flourishes, there is the possibility it will have a positive impact on your health!


Group Work: How to Magnify the Healing Process

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© Tiom | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

A few weeks ago, I had a word come to mind which I had not heard of…the word is synergy. Have you heard of it? I was curious as to why this word felt so strong to me and what I would need to do with this new awareness of information. So I Googled it.  According to, they define synergy as: “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.” I was really excited to learn more about this word. I consulted with one of my dear friends who has a background in chemistry and business administration, and thought she might help me to better understand it. She explained “It’s like 1+1=3 with teamwork efficiency considered.” So, then I realized, is this new awareness of the word coming to me now because I have been preparing to start a healing group and I need to better understand the power of group work? Yes, indeed that’s what makes sense to me. So, my further understanding is that if I apply synergy to my group work, and bring together different people for the purpose of a goal, then the synergy of the groups energy or intention will make a larger impact of healing to the wholeness of the group rather than 1:1. Everyone’s energy together transforms into a new shift of healing and awareness. My friend agreed with me and she shared her own experience in which she was in a yoga class and she felt it was like a sweat lodge Native American spiritual experience. So if you are curious about the power of group work, please consider these few examples of the magnificent benefits to your personal healing process.

1. A collective healing has more energy to work with than by yourself.

2. The group will provide a higher frequency of healing energy for the benefit of everyone participating (voluntarily or involuntary).

3. A higher frequency of group work can intensify and speed up your personal healing.

4. You recognize that you are not alone in your path to healing. There are others just like you.

5. Strengthens and enhances the body’s systems for healing and awareness.

6. The group creates one energy field.

7. Creates unity and oneness.

8. You can learn from each other in ways to enhance and sense healing energy.

9. Allows for sharing experiences with the group, and finding creative solutions to your goal/problem/intention.

Please let me know if you have any additional ideas about the benefits of group work, or about synergy! I would really love to know your thoughts!

Guided Imagery for Healing Posttraumatic Stress

© Netris | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Netris | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Have you or do you know someone who has suffered from a traumatic experience?  This experience may be perceived as life-threatening or overwhelming situations. Not everyone who experiences a traumatic event meets criteria for a mental health diagnosis of post traumatic stress (PTSD). It is more about the response to the event over a period of time. Trauma can occur on multiple levels,  i.e. emotional, psychological, physiological, behavioral, and spiritual. The impact suggests a dysregulation or imbalance of the body and mind. Many trauma survivors are not in their bodies and they often do not know how to tap into their senses for self-regulation. They may feel a loss of connection to their physical body, to their support systems, or just everyday existence. Instead, the trauma-related responses may look like a myriad of symptoms, such as: anxiety, intense fears, flashbacks, worries, exhaustion, nightmares, avoidance, hypersensitivity, intrusive thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, low self-esteem, depression, numbness, substance abuse, or helplessness. Researchers are providing more data on the neurobiology (the brain and the nervous system) of trauma. More research is suggesting that helping a person with trauma, is not to recall the memories of the event, but to help them become unstuck.  Trauma impact can be experienced differently from one person to the next. Today, there are more widely accepted mind-body modalities to help treat trauma as compared to just the traditional talk therapy approach. I have found in my practice, that guided imagery to be effective with healing trauma. As you may know or begin to know, introducing guided imagery as a means to gently release and transform this energy, you will understand or experience yourself this transformational healing.

Guided Imagery is a technique that directs your imagination to help you access all your senses for the purpose of achieving a goal/intention. It involves the use of symbols, images, storytelling, and metaphors which can be used to create positive images in your mind, and everlasting change. Because trauma may be stored in the unconscious processes of the brain (where talking about the traumatic event does not reach), using guided imagery (which sense memory can be accessed in the area of the brain) can help reduce the physiological effects of the trauma, thereby gaining self-empowerment. The healing qualities of guided imagery for trauma may include, but not limited to: 1. brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. 2. reduce numbness. 3. self-soothing during a flashback or nightmares. 4. Confidence. 5. Improved sleep. 6. Reduces stress. 7. Reduce anxiety and depression.

Breathwork: 10 Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing PicHave you ever noticed your breathing when you are feeling stressed, anxious, scared, angry, or while crying? If not, I encourage you to begin to bring your awareness to your breath under distressing situations. There are many mind-body benefits to breathing exercises that promote harmony, health, and balance. Deep breathing exercises uses the belly to deepen the breath. Shallow breathing, which you most likely experience under the above mentioned situations, you tend to suck in the belly and raise the shoulders. As a result, this causes additional emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual tension. Breathing is unconscious. Deep breath work is conscious and can teach you how to improve your breathing even while under stress.

I know from my own personal experience the natural and immediate benefits to breath work. Here is a list of my top 10 reasons for using deep breathing.

1. Deep breathing calms the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is activated in times of stress and anxiety.  It is where the brain tells the body to prepare for the fight or flight response. Deep breathing will slow your heart rate down and in a matter of seconds your breath will communicate to your brain there is no danger which relaxes your muscles.

2. Breathing lifts mood. Breathing raises levels of endorphins and lowers stress hormones.

3. Breathing brings clarity and mindfulness to your mind-body connection. Practicing mindfulness breathing, you can increase clarity of where you hold your emotions and tension in your body. With practice, you can learn to breath into the tense areas of your body and areas where you hold your pain and release them out with every exhale.

4. Breathing boosts energy and stamina. The more oxygen in the body, the more level of energy you will have.

5. Breathing increases oxygen in your blood.  

6. Breathing strengthens the immune system.

7. Breathing can release toxins in your body by 70%. When you exhale, you are releasing carbon dioxide waste which has passed through your bloodstream into your lungs. The other 30% is released through the bowels and bladder.

8. Promotes better sleep.  

9. Reduction in blood pressure.

10. Breathing normalizes the heart rate and rhythm. 

Practice daily or almost daily for about 5 minutes: 1. Lie comfortably on your back, arms resting beside you. 2. Bring your awareness to your breath. 3. Inhale through the nose and breath out through your mouth. 4. Feel your belly rising and chest lifting (image or sense the breath trying to reach the sky) and on the exhale, emptying the breath. Naval center moving towards the spine. 5. Even letting out a nice sigh on the exhale. 6. Allow your breath to be deep and be mindful of the sensations your breath brings to your body. 7. Repeat the inhale and exhale cycles 3 times. You will begin to sense a lighter and more relaxed mood! Let me know your thoughts.