Why Practice Patience? 5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Stress

freeimage-2452913-webDo you find yourself getting more impatient with people, places, and things? Are you impulsively reactive and unconsciously making sarcastic comments, or saying something mean to a loved one or stranger just to release some of this tense and impatient energy? Has anyone told you that you have a problem with patience? We all lose our patience at some point in our lives, but first recognizing the symptoms of being impatience may be a good place to start.

Some examples:

  • Feeling tense in your muscles.
  • Tone is getting louder or is sarcastic.
  • Feeling anxious or nervous.
  • Yelling, screaming, or angry feelings.
  • Teeth clenching, maybe fists tightening.
  • Shortness of breath. Shallow breath.
  • Rushing yourself or moving too fast.
  • Impulsive and reactive responses.

If these examples sound familiar to you, or if you are tired of losing your patience, and maybe how it is affecting your life, there is hope for you and the benefits to practicing patience! I have 5 tips to help you to manage the symptoms of being impatient so that you can avoid any further damage to your personal relationships, work environment, spiritual growth, emotional state, or health problems. You may notice others around you who will sense a shift in your attitude, behavior, and outlook. This will hopefully give you a more peaceful, grateful, and mindfulness experience!

1. Take a personal time out. Begin to use breath work in your daily or almost daily habit. Mindfulness breathing will make remarkable physiological, psychological, and spiritual shifting in your days to come. It helps to slow you down and opens your heart chakra to be more patient with yourself and others.

2. Mindfulness meditation. Specifically on reducing tension in the body. Again this technique will help you to sense more control of yourself and to be less reactive and impulsive.

3. Slow down. When you are juggling multiple things at once, like being a parent and having to financially support your family; you have problems saying “no” to people; or being a perfectionist, than you have to recognize your emotional limits and your authentic potential so that you can manage your stress level more effectively. Surrender to allowing others to help you and maybe delegate or let go of responsibilities that are causing you to be overwhelmed and contributing to becoming impatient. Try not to set yourself up for unhealthy habits!

4. Listening with a compassionate heart. You may lose yourself at times in all the things that need to get done, so you may tend to be short with people or you just are screaming in your mind to get out of there! However, not being present or in the moment you loose out on creating meaningful relationships, or lessons that are brought to you for a reason. So next time you find yourself wanting to bolt and get out of conversations, just focus on a relaxed and deep breath and use empathetic listening and having a compassionate ear as someone might really need you at that moment! You will feel better that you got out of your stuff and focussed your energy on something or someone else.

5. Find activities to reduce anger Your build up of anger, can cause you to be less patient and forgiving. Finding outlets or activities to reduce your anger can help you in the long run. Some ideas might be, running, journaling, watching movies, talking out your feelings, painting, or getting a chakra treatment to balance the mind, body, and soul.

I hope you find these 5 tips to help you reduce your stress level and practice more patience within yourself and others. Would love to hear any additional ideas!


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