6 Reasons Why Personal Power Helps Reduce Negative Thinking

© Theodor38 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Theodor38 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Are you in a place of hopelessness, self-doubt, or second guessing yourself? Is your negative thinking causing problems in your relationships, avoiding going out and being around other people, or maybe you are not making the efforts to do the things you used to do?  It sometimes seems so much easier to stay trapped in thinking negatively about yourself or your life situation because it really does not take much effort. I think we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and what we think others want from us. As a result, we tend to think we are not good enough and naturally go into fear based mode. When was the last time you tried to make yourself feel better? I am sure you noticed that it takes much more effort and energy to work on feeling better and recognizing the good things in life. However, the trick is to start one day at a time. If you think too much about what is wrong with you or you keep blaming yourself for not “getting better,” in my opinion, that just makes it more challenging to create positive thinking, attitudes, belief systems, and intentions.  These things are supposed to help you grow in ways emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I met this elderly woman last week while I was browsing her yarn store. She had so much life in her eyes and she presented with a lot of spirit. After talking to her for a while, she told me that when she wakes up in the morning, she has two choices. She can choose to be happy for the day or be miserable. She asked me, “What choice do you think I picked today?” We laughed. It made me think how lucky and blessed I was to had walked into her store and meet her. She brought me so much wisdom and made me realize I have choices in how I want to think and feel for the rest of my day. Even though I may have heard such ideas before, it reminds me of how simple my life can be, and that I have choices that I feel are within my control. So, why not start today with creating intentions that are fulfilling rather than feeling empty? What is holding you back? Start bringing into your consciousness what is or is no longer serving a purpose in your life. Here are my 6 reasons why personal power can reduce negative thinking

1. When I feel like I have choices, I feel more relaxed and I have a sense of freedom. When I feel free, I am more likely to think creatively.

2. When I am creative, I enjoy spending time alone and I feel less distracted. I may have music playing in the background which only enhances my creativity and positive awareness. Just in that moment in time, I get lost and I forget about the negative things in life.

3. My personal power reminds me that I am lovable and that I am Love. Love is so important in my life and without feeling a sense of Self Love, I can get lost and trapped in negative thinking. When I resonant in the abundance of Love, I can accomplish anything!

4. Freedom is a limitless sense of time and space. Why restrict yourself and your potential? Gaining a deeper understanding of freedom and free will, you will see that you are in control of your life and where you want to fit in it.

5. Self-awareness helps to bring mindfulness into your daily living. This will help you tap into your senses to promote growth as a person and awareness of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Bringing you back to center. Being present in the moment.

6. Personal empowerment will give you the sense of being a leader instead of a follower. Do what you feel is right! Create your own ideas! Do what makes you feel good!

I wish you luck and success! Let today be the day you share your stories of personal power…


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