Crystal Healing: A Natural Way to Assist with Anxiety Relief

CrystalsI love, love, love crystals. Besides their beautiful & elegant appearances, crystals have so many healing properties. Have you ever been drawn to certain crystals and not really sure why? Crystals generate various vibrational levels and their varying colors maybe what you are intuitively picking up on, or your senses are drawn to. The next time you are around a crystal and you feel drawn to it, take it and keep it close to you and learn about the healing properties. You may be surprised in what you learn. I believe that crystals are still really not understood in our Western culture. I hope to spread and increase awareness about the safe and natural remedies that crystals can help with ourselves, animals, plants…basically anything.  Let me start with sharing the natural ways crystals can promote balance and assist with reducing anxiety in the body.

Here are some crystals I recommend using for anxiety, fears, worries, or panic attacks:      Crystals containing lithium will assist with calming the nerves and lifting mood. Such as Kunzite, Lepidolite, Smoky Quartz, or Nuummite.

If you have not experienced an actual crystal therapy session, I highly recommend one. You will feel a shift. Crystal therapy, a hands-on, non-invasive approach in which stones are placed on the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head where the body’s natural energy flows, also known as Chakras is an ancient healing practice. Crystals are a natural, healing tool that can adjust and balance your whole mind, body, and spirit to relieve you of negative or blocked energy.

You do not have to wait for an actual healing session to receive the benefits, here are some alternatives:

1. Wear the crystals somewhere on your body to help relieve your anxiety, fears, worries, or panic attacks. I like to wear a crystal close to my heart center. Even while resting or meditation, you can place a crystal on your Third Eye.

2. For something more discreet, place a crystal inside your bra. It takes a few seconds to place one or as many as you feel comfortable, and then be on your way.

3. Sacred geometry. You can create grids using crystals for an additional healing practice.

4. Put crystals in your drinking water. The energy from the crystals will charge the water and your body will receive the crystalline energy. Put 1 part crystal for 2 parts water.

5. Placing crystals in your room or at your desk. The energy of the crystal will help harmonize and balance the room.

A great resource for learning more about crystals and their healing properties, check out, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.


5 thoughts on “Crystal Healing: A Natural Way to Assist with Anxiety Relief

  1. I’m just starting to explore crystals and I am drawn to them. I have Rose quartz near my desk and I love my amethyst necklace. I am feeling drawn to dark colored ones, I think for protection! There’s a lot to learn.


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