5 Benefits: Guided Imagery for Stress Relief


Guided imagery for stress relief is a mind-body technique that allows for your senses and memory to engage your imagination to help you relax and clear the mind. Involves the use of healing ideas, images, and metaphors. Stress is a common and natural experience that everyone goes through. Nevertheless, if you struggle with bottling up your emotions or feeling overwhelmed, the stress may eventually manifest itself into panic attacks, anger, burnout, depression, or physical pain. Guided imagery is natural and safe which can produce profound results for your mind, body, and soul. It allows you to deeply connect to yourself to help you find inner peace, relaxation, self-compassion, and a sense of personal control. Ideal for the overactive thinker, skeptics, difficulty meditating or relaxing.

5 Benefits:

1. Knowing which of your senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, intuition) can help you to change your response to stress. Guided imagery allows you to tap into your dominant sense (s).

3. To seek instant release, healing, and comfort (you do not have to be under a high amount of stress to enjoy the benefits).

4. You may find guided imagery easier than meditation as it requires less discipline and skill levels.

5. You will go away feeling refreshed, alert, and at peace. This is a great way to create or maintain balance and harmony!

Additional benefits may include deep relaxation, motivation, healing, clarity, pain control, trauma recovery, boosts immune system, decreases stress & anxiety, aids in preparing for a performance/public speaking, habit disorders, and lifts mood.