5 Spiritual Self-Care Practices

Aww, vacation life! Doesn’t the view look so chill and relaxing? I want to share my 5 go-to spiritual self-care practices. What’s the difference between the traditional meaning of self-care and a SPIRITUAL self-care practice? The biggest difference is in the intention. The spiritual practice is connecting with your highest self and heart center (Heart Chakra).



  • Achieving a higher vibration of positive energy. Body-mind-soul are in harmony.
  • You’ll have the capacity to access your intuitive voice effortlessly.
  • Self-growth to find inner peace, forgiveness, and compassion towards yourself and others.
  • Inner-kindness that inspires you to be more loving than fear-based.
  • You become friends with your Ego aka your “frenemy.” Let your ego give you the courage and strength to make more meaningful choices vs. putting yourself down, being jealous, or victimized.


  1. Meditation-my personal favorite is Vipassana meditation (YouTube has some good ones). Another is a loving kindness meditation. There are so many different ways to practice meditation, and if you’re first starting out, try a guided one. When I first started, I only did guided meditations because my mind would not stop wondering and I would just give up. So don’t stop, just keep practicing. And, schedule it on a specific day, time, and location each time. That way your mind and body associate this time and space as a safe and uninterrupted time. Practice: begin with a 15-minute guided meditation.
  2. Grounding exercises-help you to harmonize your mind, body, and soul. A good way to visual what this means is to imagine an olive tree and the roots are growing into the ground so that it can’t move. The grounding work is your foundation of a strong and healthy path to accessing your 6 senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, intuition) so that you can stay present. It helps you connect to your feelings and to just BE versus doing and analyzing. This channels your awareness to access higher levels of consciousness. A great space to ask Spirit, God, Universe, whatever you call a higher power for wisdom and guidance. Practice: I love breathing exercises because it’s easy, and I don’t even realize that I block out distracted thoughts. A good one to start with is the 8-6-5 count. You inhale for 8, hold breath for 6, then exhale for 5. You do this in cycles of three. If you find the count difficult, adapt it to a comfortable count.
  3. Sacred Sound-yes, love this one too! I play my crystal bowls so that I can tap into a higher level of consciousness. The vibrations are so calming and soothing. I feel an angelic presence whenever I use sound, including using my voice. I will sometimes use my voice while I play the bowls so that I go deeper into a trance and get tuned with my higher self. I invoke angelic messages, comfort, and just a feeling of goodness. Practice:Play or listen to sacred sound. *In case you don’t have crystal bowls or any instruments that will assist you to access a higher level of consciousness, there is free sound healing YouTube channels to listen to (search 963 Hz, 432 Hz binaural beats).
  4. Automatic writing-journaling is super fast way to find your spiritual path. You just allow yourself to be free to write whatever comes out of you. Don’t judge what you write and stop if you get uncomfortable. Then go back and start free flowing in your journal. Practice: Write for at least 5 minutes without stopping. Even if you think you’ve run out of thoughts to write just keep writing and don’t let your pen lift up. Time yourself and make sure you plan to not be interrupted. The best time is first thing when you wake up. Make sure to ask questions and get clarity. Then put it away and see how you feel. Let it go, and re-read it 3 days after. See any synchronicities.
  5. Creative visual activities-have fun with coloring, cutting up pictures and creating collages, cooking with foods that have vibrant colors, or mixing up plants to create a beautiful centerpiece. These activities remove analytical or intellectualizing thoughts. When you are feeling free and creative, you feel more relaxed and open to positive messages from a higher awareness. The whole idea for this is to have fun, don’t judge or worry if you’re doing it write. You can do that with other things (lol) but not with your creative process. Practice: find some magazines or go on the internet and find beautiful pictures and create a vision board of your spiritual or higher self. Put it somewhere where you will see it everyday. Let the power of positive persuasion manifest a life that is full of spirit and fun!
I hope you found this useful.

I’d love to hear your comments. Share what spiritual self-care practices you do. The more tips we share with each other, the more we can spread love…  

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