How to Use Sound Meditation to Heal Yourself #48

I intuitively create weekly sacred sound meditations using crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rattles, my voice, and any other ancient tools that I’m guided to use to help people who want to go deep into vibrational healing and shift their frequency so they can connect to self and consciousness without judgment, improve confidence, create inner peace, deep relaxation, and calmness. Get instant access to a 5 minute sacred sound meditation HERE.

I teach people how to use sound healing to find inner peace, calmness, relaxation, and higher levels of consciousness so they can feel good inside/outside, more confident, and overall better health.

Today’s Sacred Sound Instruments and Healing Benefits:

We are focusing on the Solar Plexus.

I used (1) Crystal singing bowl + Tingshas + gong

Here are some benefits to the instruments…

E note-for the solar plexus chakra located midway between the end of the breastbone and the navel. Your solar plexus is associated with helping your self-esteem. When unbalanced you may show signs of needing power, ego driven (unhealthy side), fears, anxiety, or anger. This crystal bowl can assist you to soothe any digestive issues, if nervous system is out of sorts, or your liver is weak. 
Gong-the gong dates back to 3500 B.C. They were used in rituals, ceremonies, meditations, feasts, healing, and other variations of it’s used based on region, culture, and class. The vibration of the gong can tune our bodies, align and balance chakras, and assist the brain waves to go into a delta or theta state for transformational healing.

Tingshas-used at the beginning and ending of the meditation.


To help create sacred wisdom and intention for today’s meditation, I used the Soul’s Journey cards by James Van Praagh to guide me on what we need to hear this week. I pulled, Humor, I choose to focus on the lighter side of life.

Humor is a high vibration. Observing the duality of stress/fear with the balance of humor. It’s noticing where you can lean into more humor and to practice sharing your life with more humor so that you can release any negative thoughts or feelings. 

Allow today’s meditation to help you connect to your highest good. Choice is a powerful tool and wisdom to weave into your life everyday. You cannot be a victim to your circumstances if you make a choice to focus on the lighter side of life. 

Get instant access to a 5 minute sacred sound meditation here:

How often are you present enough to be conscious in how you choose to live your life? What can you gain with humor? How can humor be a reflection of self-compassion or compassion for others?
Set aside 10 minutes once a week to journal your responses to this weeks meditation and the inner journey questions. Notice what shows up for you.
Use all your senses (sound, touch, taste, sight, intuition, smell) to help bring about the frequency of humor. See how that changes your day, the next day, and after that.
Begin to visualize or imagine where you want to go during your sacred sound meditation. Take a deep breath, and sense how you can use today’s sound healing to release any fears, anger, or regret? During your meditation, your senses will be heightened and you may see colors, shapes, sounds, images, feelings, memories, and unconscious experiences that will be brought to your consciousness.


1. Listen to the meditation with earphones for optimum benefits.
2. Get in a comfortable position. 
3. Set your intention.
4. Three to five deep, slow breathes to relax the body.
5. Unplug and honor this time ONLY for YOU.
6. And Tune Up.
7. Enjoy!

Get instant access to a 5 minute sacred sound meditation here:

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What benefits do you get from sound healing? What do you enjoy about sound meditations? Share your comments below. If you’d like me to share a personal experience with one of these meditations on my YouTube channel, please email me your story at I will share it in a future video.
I hope you found this helpful! 
Bye for now,

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